Andrew wants to live in a world filled with next-level technologies, phones that come standard with animal voice-to-text translation and a magic spray that will offer unlimited dog hair protection and the occasional food item.

As a field technician, he’s been commended on his successful team management and data analysis skills. At his last field position in South Africa, he led an important role in the habituation of wild baboons, where the new team now collects data for a baboon sociality project. Andrew is currently searching for a graduate program where he can study computer engineering in concert with animal behavior. Although his experience is mainly in marketing and design, Andrew plans to take this excellent opportunity from MRBO to learn more about birds and how they are such an important indicator for a healthy environment. For the next few months, Andrew will be learning from the knowledgeable team at MRBO in his position as surveyor and nest-monitoring technician. He will also be using audio recording equipment to study the vocalizations of Missouri’s rare marsh-dwelling species.

When he’s not out taking photos with his old film camera, you can find him diving into foreign films, trying to learn a new language, and optimistically searching for some good waves in Wilmington, North Carolina.

Will Travel.